Everyone has a great animal story. They teach us how to be disciplined, organized, and responsible and most definitely teach

us how to laugh and enjoy the moment. Animals, especially dogs, 

have a healing effect and benefit our physical, emotional, and social well-being. They don't care about what you look like or what you wear.  All they want is to be with you and please you.

You are welcome to share your stories. The goal is to create a book that includes a collection of shared stories.

So let's here those stories! Whether we encounter them for a brief time, or they are part of our family. Some stories will make us laugh, cry, heal us, or teach us a life lesson. In the end these stories are amazing memories of these spectacular creatures we call our pets, best friends, teachers, and healers.


Tales of PAWS was created by Michele Moore.

About Michele:

Michele Moore offers consulting services to educational institutions, businesses, and nonprofits seeking to implement new programs and initiatives. Michele developed her strategic approach to program implementation after serving as an administrator and effective leader in higher education.

Michele has also pursued her life long interests of human and animal interactions. Her particular interest focuses on the integration of animals into the health care system.  Her commitment to the importance and recognition of animals, especially dogs, as invaluable partners in both the human experience and health care have led her to earned a certificate in Animals and Human Health from the University of Denver, Graduate School of Social Work.  Currently Michele is pursuing a certificate as a Professional Dog Trainer.

In addition to publishing stories about the health effects of the human-animal interactions, her goal is to offer Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) training programs.

Michele's contact info:
MMoore Advisory, LLC

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